A Gentleman's Duel

A Gentleman's Duel
Blur Studio | 2006
Short film

Another short chosen through an internal contest, this time the winners were Francisco Ruiz and Sean McNally, two very talented concept artists.

I don't really remember that well, but I think I was busy with Sonic for the most part of Gentleman's Duel, so I jumped at it more towards the end and ended up not doing a lot of shots, but here are a few that I animated in sequence.

This short gets a lot of flak for its content full of sexual innuendo, but that is typical of the kind of bad criticism you see all over the internet, which subjectively criticizes the intention instead of objectively criticizing how well that intention was accomplished. It actually got changed and toned down too much from its original ideas, which were more "R rated" than what it turned out in the end. But apparently audiences today are too sensitive and get offended very easily. Wimps.

Then again, the short IS immature and chauvinist, but in a superficial and harmless way intended for giggles, not for lengthy discussions.


Reader Comments (1)

it's beatiful.
I love it. Very well animated.

April 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDaniel Alvite

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